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It is not easy to be a mother, and this means everything will be a little bit more complicated...Work, relationships, managing time, thinking about the menu for the week, organizing the house and also, practicing yoga.

It won’t be easy to practice like you did before become a mom, when and where you want...

As a mother and yoga teacher… I can tell you, the days where I managed to practice whenever I wanted, where I wanted and as long as I wanted are over!

Maybe it’s me, but if you found the secret solution, please share it with me and with many other super mammas!

If you are a yogi mom, or you used to practice yoga before becoming a mom, and you find it difficult to do your asana practice, you need to read this!

Struggling as a yogi mom…

I think talking about no time/space to practice my vinyasa or yin when needed is of course a must in this post.

The days of peaceful, quiet, uninterrupted yoga practices are over, moms.

If without being a mom, self-practice is already hard work… because you have to have the willpower… get it into your daily routine, and be disciplined… IMAGINE AS A MOM!!

You need much more willpower, discipline and somehow make this magic every day to find the time/space to practice.

You as a mom, will know that sometimes it can be much easier to have the fix time to go to the yoga studio, than practicing at home where you always will hear the little ones screaming (when not jumping on your back), or see the mess around you. You will have to check if the food in the oven is ready or hear the laundry machine at the back…

Personal space takes a whole new meaning. Your aches and pains are second to the needs of your little person. You are exhausted on a level you never knew was possible. Your body needs time to find itself again.

Sometimes, when I have this one hour of “free time” I catch myself saying I need a nap, or I am too tired for yoga (big mistake).

It's incredible to see how we always stop doing the things that make us feel good first when we are tired or stressed.

It actually should be the other way around!

So, yes, even if tired, do some yoga (it doesn’t need to be 90 minutes, but 15 minutes can be amazing!)

Yoga gives energy, it charges, it renews. Isn’t that what we need as moms?

(Without underestimating how a big hug or a cute “I love you” from our baby can charge our energy).

Time on the mat will do that. The mat will serve as a guide to bring you back, perhaps even stronger than you were before.

Take yoga as your “Happy hour” ;)

There is something else, very important I wanted to share in this post...

Motherhood is not only a challenge in our yoga path, it is actually a big step towards it.


The true practice yoga happens outside the mat, it is not only asanas. As a mothers, we are practicing in another way. Different but not worse or better.

The practice of breathing when your baby pukes on your favorite shirt or when he does something you have been telling him over and over again not to do.

The practice of being present with your child when you have a million other things begging for your attention.

The practice of acceptance when you can't be super mom, woman, wife and worker… and 'get it all done. (Big issue for me! Who feels identified?)

Yoga such as motherhood has taught me that learning and advancing in my practice takes time and patience.

That it is a journey, and all the steps make it worth the effort. I have learned to accept where I am, without losing sight of where I want to go, to be patient.

I have also found that many of the principles and lessons we study and talk about in class like devotion, impermanence, compassion, discipline, acceptance, letting go…are inherent in the practice of mothering.

When I look at my baby and at my role as a mom, I see him as my little guru, who always puts some challenges in my way that make me stop to think, evaluate, observe my position and reaction.

He is the one that shows me my little demons and makes me learn every day at any time. Even when I feel too tired for it.

Hard work mamas! Not only taking care, but also working on yourselves, working towards the better you, so as with yoga.

“So for now, more often I am standing on my head, not in sirsasana, but to make my kid laugh or to persuade him to take another bite of his meal. And I’m bending over backwards, not in urdhva dhanurasana, but to make sure I give him all the tools he needs for a secure, happy, rich and meaningful life.” (I don't have the author of this, but it is beautiful)

But yes, in my opinion, the physical practice is also important and stepping into the mat can help us to get into the balance that we need in order to feel whole. So, How?

“To Raise Whole Children, I Need to Be Whole Too”

I am always feeling this guilt that can be translated as “ I should give more attention to my son” or “instead of studying or practicing yoga I could be playing with him or looking for new healthy tasty baby food recipes”, or “maybe I shouldn’t be working that much and spend more time with my family” and many others…

Mamas, you probably know that too… but the fact is that there are grown-up things that must be done as well, and we can and need to be apart from our sons or daughters.

Know that when you care for yourself, you are caring for them as well. Use the moments you have to find yourself, do it mindfully…

That is why yoga is so magical. Going to the 90 minutes yoga class at the studio or doing a fast 15 minute yoga at home during your little ones nap, or a few sun salutations while the rice is cooking. Even a few restorative asanas before sleep, mean you are taking time (don’t feel guilty about how long) for your physical body, heal emotional wounds, and connect through your breath and movement to something higher than yourself.

Make yourself a priority too, schedule it on the calendar like any other doctor appointment or groceries shopping, you will feel it how good it is!

Here and now, with this words, I just try to encourage you to accept where you are and keep trying. This can be applied for yoga and motherhood as well. It is a long path, and it shows us everyday new things.

Moms out there, what do you think about your yoga practice and motherhood?

Give me a like if you liked my post, and share it with other yogi moms! You can check for more posts in my webpage and my instagram! I would love to hear your opinion! Take care moms and remember, always breathe... :)


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